McKinsey reveals us that over 70% of the organizations do not choose the right executives, and the recovery effects after a flawed selection at C-level executive are overwhelming on the business and organization development, which is very difficult to recover in the near future. Mentor's executive search services identify and select future leaders suitable for your organizations, capable both of maximizing the market value of the business and of remodeling the organizational culture for sustainable development.

Why Mentor's Search?

1. We guarantee the results offer you the largest warranty on the market, up to 36 months for C-level executives. We are in solidarity with your business results, assume a process profitable on long-term of selecting for the future leaders.

2. We have a rigorous selection methodology (with included assessment center) focused on identifying the cultural profile of future potential leaders needed to develop organizational culture and on assessing the capabilities needed for sustainable business development.

3. We have a good knowledge of the market by offering our partners the necessary consultancy both for clarifying and filling positions and for choosing the optimal compensation and benefits package for each job.